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       Join one of David Gorman's 
       Online Learning Programs

This is an invitation to join one of my LearningMethods Online Learning groups.

There have been a number of groups running online now since 2010. I recently took a break to spend some time developing the book version and the online course of my Anatomy of Wholeness material, but since people have been asking when they would be able to join a group again, I have decided to start up two new groups:

  — a LearningMethods Personal/Professional Group, and

  — an Alexander Technique Professional Development Group.

These new groups will start in September of 2018 and there are some spaces left.

Group 1:
LearningMethods Personal/Professional
— This group is for you if you want to learn more about the LearningMethods approach. This group will begin at the personal level with helping you gain the skills to explore, understand and change issues in your daily personal and work live (including performance, fitness, etc.).
For those who want to go deeper, it will naturally progress into a professional training in LearningMethods to learn how to use the work to help others or to integrate it into your existing professional work. Ultimately it can lead to certification as a LearningMethods teacher.  
             More details are below...

Group 2:
Alexander Technique Professional Development
— This group is for you if you are an AT teacher or trainee and you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Alexander work, become clearer about our marvellous human design and function, and extend your teaching skills by adding a natural evolution into the LearningMethods approach.
             More details are below...

To join a group, contact me now by e-mail at 

Who is it for?

 If you've had classes or workshops in "LearningMethods" and/or "Anatomy of Wholeness" you know about David's work and what it can do for you. This is your chance to go deeper into the work and gain the ability to use it in a practical way in your life.

 If you've experienced what the work can do for your teaching or professional work with others or in your performance (musicians, actors, dancers, athletes, yoga, etc.), then you know how powerful, quick and effective the work can be. This is your opportunity to extend your existing work and develop new skills.

 Even if you've not worked in person but have read articles on the LearningMethods web site or listened to recordings of the workshops, and are intrigued to find out more and experience it for yourself, the online courses are a way to get that experience.

 Or if you've wanted to join a workshop but there never seemed to be one near you, now the work comes to you, right into your own home via your computer and your internet connection.

If you are interested and want more information, keep reading...

About the format of LMOnline Courses

The core of each LearningMethods Online group is the regular live 2-hour session each week, but there is much more that adds up to a rich interactive learning experience:

— live video conference call sessions of 2 hours each week via WebEx — a private virtual network with simultaneous live video and audio all handled through your broadband Internet (i.e. no phone-ins) using your computer, iOS or Android tablet or smartphone,

— the live conferencing system provides for picture and file display, live whiteboard function for drawing diagrams, audio and video file streaming, as well as recording the full audio/video sessions for later study in our archives,

— a dedicated (private) group e-mail discussion list for questions, discussion and sharing ideas among group members in the days in between our weekly live sessions,

— a dedicated password-protected web site for each group where all the recordings of that group's live sessions, the podcasts, webinars, e-mail discussions and resources are archived and available for download and study,

— the web site also hosts a range of resources by David Gorman, other Alexander and LearningMethods teachers, and more. These resources include audio and video recordingsarticles, scientific papers, web links, , etc.,

— periodic audio (and eventually video) podcasts to the group by David Gorman (and other teachers) on relevant topics. These are also archived for download and often transcribed into text,

— a growing library of hundreds of previously-recorded LearningMethods and Anatomy of Wholeness workshops and classes on a wide range of topics available for streaming or download,

— option to attend in-person training sessions and intensive workshops.

— and coming in the future, webinars (i.e. pre-recorded seminars and courses) available for self-paced study so you can step through learning on areas like our human structure and function (Anatomy of Wholeness), balance and support (Standing on Top of the World), working with performers and performance teachers (Liberating Performers), and other subjects.

To join a group, contact me now by e-mail at

Costs and Commitment

The fees are currently set on a basis of CA$ 80 per weekly session. There are usually 14 weekly sessions in a term, and there are three terms each year which more or less follow the school dates (that is, a winter break between terms around the new year, another spring break around Easter, and a longer summer break).

In order for the format to work you need to commit to being a regular member of the group on a term-by-term basis - see trial offer details below. This means you pay for a whole term even if you have to miss a session during that term, though it is usually possible to reschedule individual sessions if one of the group members has a conflict.

You can pay for the whole term at once (CA$ 1120) or in several installments. Payments ae due at the start of the term (or start of designated installment periods) and can be made online by credit card or PayPal, by direct deposit in Euros or UK pounds, or by Canadian or US bank check.

Of course, one term is just the beginning. The Online Learning Program grows with you. No matter what level you enter at you can keep on deepening your learning and following your interest as far as you want to go, in fact, all the way to becoming a certificated teacher of the work if you choose. 

To join a group, contact me now by e-mail at

Trial Offer:  If you are not sure how well the work or the online format will suit you,
remember, you are only committing for a term. And to make it easier for you to
give it a try, as a new member you can check it out and then decide about
continuing after your first 4 sessions
. If you don't continue, you pay only for
those first 4 sessions you attended — you'll get a refund of any other fees paid.

I look forward to working with some of you soon.


E-mail:     Telephone: +1 416-519-5470
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario  M9P 1V7  Canada   (map)