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Escaping the trap of Nervousness, Fear and Doubt

An interactive online audio course in 12 parts (approx. 24½ hours)
  including 3 parts on the pedagogy of teaching this material to others
Developed and taught by DAVID GORMAN


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Course goals  -|-  Course format  -|-  Interacting & asking questions
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— Stream any of the sessions to any Internet-enabled computer, tablet, smartphone or other device,

— Add private bookmarks, comments, and study notes to any place in the course,

— Get all your questions answered — add questions for David and he will respond to them,

— Communicate and interact with other participants taking the course — everyone can see each other's public comments and questions, and can respond to and discuss them,

— You have 3 years to go through the course,

— Go back and review any session at any time.

"Mr. Gorman's patience and brilliance in picturing human anatomy has been achieved beyond question"

The late Prof. Raymond Dart, discoverer of early hominid, Australopithecus,
former Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Witwatersrand, S. Africa



The course comprises all the following:

— 12 recorded core sessions in audio format totalling approx. 24½ hours,

— 3 of these recordings (about 4½ hours) are about the pedagogy of teaching this material to others from recorded sessions with LearningMethods Apprentice Teachers. If you work with others these will be invaluable for your teaching, and extremely helpful in your own learning.

— each session is of variable length, but you can stop anywhere, set a bookmark, and re-start from where you left off,

— plus any public comments and answers to questions which have been created and shared by participants,

— You have access to the whole course for 3 calendar years from the date you subscribe.



These audio recordings are from various live workshops given for groups of performers and performance teachers in North America and Europe, as well as part of the LearningMethods teacher training. As such the course will be relevant to:

  — performers (actors, dancers, singers or musicians, etc.),

  — public speakers, leaders, anyone who presents to an audience or group,

  — people who feel anxiety in social situations,

  — teachers or therapists who work with any of the above.

  ... or anyone simply interested in this territory and who want to learn more.

Discover the interlocked set of misconceptions and misattributions that keep
these problems alive, and how much things change when you see through them !



As a performer do you suffer from stage fright and nervousness?

Do you find yourself fearing the harsh judgment of others or do you beat yourself up with negative criticism?

If you do, you know it sure isn't any fun to go through.

You also know it brings down your performance. It seems to make all your skill and practice fly out the window. It sabotages your auditions, and it becomes more and more of a vicious circle until you start to be afraid of it happening before it has even happened.

Like most people you've probably tried to get rid of it with lots of techniques and tricks which hopefully do help in the moment... But have you really solved it or does it just come right back again next time?

Imagine performing with confidence, just being who you are !
Imagine being truly liberated from nervousness and judgment !
You can be... and it doesn't even take that long !!

This workshop, in a very practical and experiential way with lots of opportunities to try things out, will show you:

—  why you get hit with stage fright and judgment at some times but not at others,

—  and why some people have it almost all the time and others never or hardly at all.

—  what it is that hooks you into the situation in a way that forces you to react with fear and doubt,

—  how the whole habit is not because of something wrong with you or something lacking in your ability, but because of a crucial misunderstanding of how our human "valuing system" really works,

—  and best of all, how easy it is once you see through these misconceptions to no longer be caught up in them,

—  and to be able to meet any performance situation – no matter how big or important – free of fear and nagging doubt, with all your skills intact, and with a presence of mind that will allow you to not only cope with anything, but also to bring out your expression and creativity...

It is not uncommon for these sort of problems to be solved in one workshop. Almost certainly you will take away such a different way of seeing things that you will be permanently changed, not just in performance but wherever else in your life these habits operate.

This LearningMethods approach has helped hundreds of performers and revolutionized the pedagogy of teachers all around the world. It is now a regular part of the teaching curriculum in numerous conservatories and colleges in Europe, Asia, and North America.


Just bring yourself, your passion for performing or expressing yourself,
a willingness to explore and experiment, and a desire to be liberated
from your nervousness, negative judgment and undermining fear…


Subscribe to the course now
Come and see for yourself — all you have to lose is your problems !



— To give you the understanding and tools you need to liberate yourself from the grip of the problems,

— To help you take advantage of your amazing in-built learning abilities to develop your performing skills more effortlessly and enjoyably,

— To give teachers and those who work with others on these issues new tools and approaches to ehlp their students and clients.



The course sessions were recorded in audio format and are streamed to you via your Internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone via a custom media player that you can start and stop, and hop back or forth in the session to any part of the recording, or to other sessions within the series.

The custom media player also has the ability for you to place bookmarks at multiple points of any recorded session. You can use these to bookmark the exact spot when you stop listening and then use that bookmark to start up right where you left off. Or you can use bookmarks to mark material you want to return to for more study, or that you find important. You can also add comments, study notes, or questions to any bookmark, thereby creating and maintaining your own customized study program.

All bookmarks and comments are automatically saved so they are there again for you when you next log-in.

These notes can be marked as "Private" (only available and visible to you), or they can be marked as "Public" (available and visible to any other registered participants of the course, including the teacher).

Subscribe to the course now
and discover your amazing in-built coordination system !



Yes. This built-in commenting system gives you a way to communicate with David and get his responses. Whenever you have a question while going through the recorded sessions, you can simply bookmark that place and add a public comment with your question.

All these public questions will be immediately sent to David by e-mail and he will respond as soon as possible in one of two ways. Either he will respond with his own public answer which will appear in the course for you (and the other participants), or if your question seems to need a longer answer he will record an audio or video answer and post that podcast to the list of streaming sessions so you (and everyone else taking the course) can listen to it or watch it. In this way you will be part of helping the course build up a wealth of supplementary material that adds to and deepens the core sessions.

Not only that but the notes, comments and questions that you mark as public are also out there for any of the other participants (who are, of course, equally interested in the material as you are). Others can also respond back to you with their own comments. In this way, all of us as a small community can discuss things and connect with each other.  


The ability to stream any available session whenever you want means you can go through the course at your own pace — as fast as you can absorb each session, or take your time — whatever fits your schedule and learning style.

You will have access to all the recordings and other material of the whole course for a period of three calendar years from your date of registration. Even if you have finished watching all the sessions before this time is up, you will still be able to log-in and review any previous session as well as access your saved comments and study notes.

At any point during those three years — while you are still registered — you can copy all your notes to your own system for safekeeping and future reference.


To join this online streaming course simply pay the fee and within hours you can be starting your learning. The full fee is US$ 149.95 for the complete interactive course with unlimited questions to David (that's a rate per 90-minute session of just over US$ 36).

Student Discount:  There is a 30% discount for students in full-time study — the discounted cost is US$ 104.95 for the whole interactive course.


Soon after you register and make your payment you will receive an e-mail with full instructions including a username and password which allows you to log-in to the LearningMethods Courses site at any time and access the recordings you have subscribed to plus associated supplementary material (if any) and all your created bookmarks and notes.

You can log-in from any Internet-enabled device — a computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone. Log-in from any device at any time of day or night from any place.


Please feel free to contact David by e-mail ( ) if you have questions at all about the course or how it works.

Subscribe to the course now
and you can be learning within hours !

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David Gorman has become widely known for his innovative and unique approach to making our human functioning  understandable, relevant, and fascinating. In 1980 he published a 600-page illustrated text on human structure and function called The Body Moveable, now in its 6th edition including a new colour version, and in 1997 a collection of articles and essays, Looking At Ourselves.

David has been helping people make sense out how they function since the mid-70s. He has taught the Alexander Technique since 1978 and trained Alexander teachers in London from 1988 to 1997 when he began developing his new LearningMethods work from his discoveries. He is now writing another book covering the material of this course.

He teaches private workshops, at conservatories and for conferences as well as training teachers in the LearningMethods work. The work is now being integrated into the curriculum of many universities, and performance schools in Europe and North America.

E-mail:     Telephone: +1 416-519-5470
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario  M9P 1V7  Canada   (map)

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