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An 84-minute video introduction
to the full course
Developed and taught
David Gorman

      "We need look no further than ourselves to see a miracle every day!"
(Babette Lightner, LearningMethods Teacher)

Available as an online Streaming Video you can access from any Internet-connected device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) — watch it whenever and wherever you want...


This video is of a 84 minute practical demonstration given as a public service at a library in advance of a 3-day workshop on the "Standing on Top of the World" material.

It serves as an introduction to the full online video course of that "Standing on Top of the World" material. If you subscribe to this video and then later you also subscribe to the full course, the fee you pay now will be applied to that course (that is, you will pay $25 less for the full course).

The series of demonstrations in this session form the basis for understanding the principles of balance and support. David also highlights at each stage the importance of the sensory experiences that we need to get in touch with in order to be able to use ourselves well. Follow along with the presentation as if you were in the audience and you’ll get a step-by-step understanding of the principles of balance and support, and experience for yourself how your marvellous system sends you tangible and clear signals of everything you need to be grounded, free, and use yourself well.

For a full description of the course content and all the features of the online streaming courses site go to the full Standing on Top of the World video course.



— Stream any of the course sessions to any Internet-enabled computer, tablet, smartphone or other device,

— Add private bookmarks, comments, and study notes to any place in the course,

— Have questions as you go through the course?  Add questions for David and he will respond to them with answers in written or recorded form,

— Communicate and interact with other participants taking the course — everyone can see each other's public comments and questions, and can respond to and discuss them,

— Go back and review at any time...

— You have access to the whole video for 3 calendar years from the date you subscribe.

Format: streaming video
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Standing on Top of the World (Intro) — 84 min.
     Price: US$ 25.00 — NOTE: All sales are final


This fee is deductible from the cost of the full 12-hour "Standing on Top of the World" video course


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David Gorman has become widely known for his innovative and unique approach to making our human functioning  understandable, relevant, and fascinating. In 1980 he published a 600-page illustrated text on human structure and function called The Body Moveable, now in its 6th edition including a new colour version, and in 1997 a collection of articles and essays, Looking At Ourselves.

David has been helping people make sense out how they function since the mid-70s. He has taught the Alexander Technique since 1978 and trained Alexander teachers in London from 1988 to 1997 when he began developing his new LearningMethods work from his discoveries. He is now writing another book covering the material of this course.

He teaches private workshops, at conservatories and for conferences as well as training teachers in the LearningMethods work. The work is now being integrated into the curriculum of many universities, and performance schools in Europe and North America.

E-mail:     Telephone: +1 416-519-5470
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario  M9P 1V7  Canada   (map)


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